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Our Story

With roots in the professional landscaping industry, founders Tim Walker and Chris Peppers have dedicated their careers to crafting beautiful landscapes for homeowners and business owners throughout Southwest Washington. With an early introduction to professional landscaping as teenagers, the stepbrother duo unlocked their passion for building beautiful landscapes that improves the lives of members in their community while also fueling their creative spirit.

Prior to starting PNW Landscaping, LLC , Tim and Chris both worked for professional landscaping and tree care companies where they fine-tuned their skills and grew their expertise. So, what led them to start their own landscape company? After spending over 30 years in the landscape and tree industries working at various companies, Tim and Chris observed a developing theme: As companies grew, the focus on numbers and systems grew and the customer experience could potentially suffer. Chris and Tim believed a customer-first mentality could and would lead to success. Success is Found in Service is more than a mantra…it is the foundation of our company. That Mission Statement is closely followed by our commitment to teamwork and a shared experience with the team members throughout the company. Every day we do our best to keep it simple and “Say what we plan to do and we do what we said we would.”

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Professional landscaping services - brick installation

Who We Are

At PNW Landscaping, we treat your property as if it were our own. We encourage conversations – we want to hear your vision, see pictures of your inspiration, and work with you throughout the process. Our main priority is building client relationships. We continuously challenge ourselves to improve our practice and push ourselves to learn how we can be better.

Landscaping is our passion. Simply put, we want you to love your landscape as much as we love landscaping.

Our mission is to create and maintain beautiful outdoor spaces to live, work, and play. We employ sound horticultural practices to create and maintain healthy landscapes that feature green, healthy, turf and beautiful trees and shrubs. Our goal is to ensure the first and last impression of your landscape represents the best version of you.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re seeking landscape installation, landscape enhancement, and/or landscape maintenance services…trust PNW Landscaping. We are proud to be your trusted professional landscaping company in Southwest Washington. Look no further for high quality landscape services than PNW Landscaping, LLC ~ our Success is Found in Service.

We want you to love your landscape as much as we love landscaping!

Let’s Define Your Vision Together